Quick Guide to the Interaction Styles and Time Dynamics
by Karon West and Susan Gerke


Adapted from Karon West and Susan Gerke, Quick Guide to Interaction Styles and Time Dynamics *Used with permission.


The Quick Guide to Interaction Styles and Time Dynamics helps people learn to make good choices about how to use time more efficiently and effectively. This booklet identifies four time dynamics that when understood, provide clarity on how we each relate to time. The dynamics are: time in relation to people, time boundaries, priorities and informed choices. Tools, tips and techniques are provided for you for each dynamic. As you explore, you will be able to select the time tools that will be most useful for you in your life.

Time in relation to people explores four time styles and identifies the time strengths and challenges of each style. Time boundaries identifies specific areas where you can manage time boundaries better. The priorities dynamic provides a variety of ways to focus on what's most important. And finally, informed choices helps you look at your how you can better take control of your time. (time influences and take control of your time.) Though not all approaches to managing time work for everyone, in this booklet you will clarify your relationship with time and gain insight about how others deal with time.

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